Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: aolserver caching and squid

Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Have you installed the OpenACS Developer Support package? Do the page load times for your ADP pages get unacceptably slow when under heavy load? If so, what part of the page processing is taking up the time, according to Developer Support?

I don't remember exactly what the OpenACS templating system does and doesn't cache, but I'd be surprised if you have any real need to cache ADP pages. The ADP processing itself should be awfully fast, otherwise AOL wouldn't be able to use it on their huge public sites. If you are seeing a performance problem, the culprit is probably elsewhere. So far I've seen no reason to believe that you should be adding any caching at all.

However, perhaps the general comments pages you are including are doing something wrong (poor query, which good be fixed or perhaps cached). Or your AOLserver could be misconfigured (e.g., thread settings). We can't know until you dig into the symptoms a bit more, and then describe them to us.

Remember, caching is not a problem, caching is a solution - but maybe (likely, even) not the right solution for your problem.