Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Patch to allow PL/pgSQL functions to take %TYPE arguments!

Argh!!!! Just received this on the pgsql-hackers list. *sighs* Apparently 7.2 will see huge improvements in procedural languages, since Jan Wieck has said that he'll improve them to support returning rowsets among other things.
From: Bruce Momjian <>
Subject: Re: [PATCHES] Re: [HACKERS] Support for %TYPE in CREATE FUNCTION
To: Roberto Mello <>
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> > Using %TYPE makes it easier to write a function which is independent
> > of the definition of a table.  That is, minor changes to the types
> > used in the table may not require changes to the function.
>       Wow! This would be _very_ useful! It's something I wish PostgreSQL
> had and I miss it everytime I write functions and remember PL/SQL.
>       Thanks a lot Ian, I hope this one makes it in (hopefully for 7.1.1)
Sorry, only in 7.2.  No new features in minor releases unless they are
very safe.