Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Postgres RPMs --with-tcl

Posted by Don Baccus on
I'll answer the second one - the new PG RPMs are, I assume, the PG 7.1 RPMs. If you've got an existing PG 7.0 installation you need to:

  • PG_DUMP your existing database.
  • Stop the postmaster
  • move your data directory to a safe place as a backup (/usr/local/pgsql/data in a standard installation build from source).
  • make and install PG 7.1
  • initdb
  • start postmaster
  • createuser your_user
  • createdb your_db;createlnag plpgsql your_db; createlang pltcl your_db
  • psql your_db -f your_dmp.dmp
  • vacuum analyze your_db
  • rebuild the Postgres driver (get latest source from sourceforge)
  • restart openacs.