Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Postgres RPMs --with-tcl

Posted by Jonathan Marsden on
Qris, I'm looking at this right now for my OpenACS RPMs. They want
PG 7.1, so I think that's what you are looking to upgrade to.

I think just installing the postgresql-tcl binary RPM will give you
the library needed for the bboard search just fine.  So it is just
one extra (small) binary RPM to download and install, no need to
have a different set of PG RPMs for this at all. The PG 7.1
postgresql-tcl RPM needs the tcl 8.0 RPM installed too, but that will
be on your RH CD anyway, and quite possibly already installed on
your machine.

I'll post again when  I confirm this by actually trying out the
OpenACSSearch search method for bboards on a test machine here...
maybe within a few hours.