Forum OpenACS Q&A: OpenACS 3.2.5 Released

Posted by Roberto Mello on
Dear fellow OpenACS'ers,

3.2.5 was just made live. It brings many improvements and fixes to
OpenACS. Please read the release notes as it contains important
information (and I won't replicate that info here).

Thanks to all that helped make this release happen.


Posted by Dan Wickstrom on
Great work Roberto!  Everybody appreciates the work you've put into making this release happen.
Posted by Jonathan Marsden on
Well done!  I hope your exams yesterday went well. I see you even
squeezed in my last-minute idea of comments about what OpenACSSearch
needs into ad.tcl 😊

I've just built an OpenACS 3.2.5 RPM from the real release, testing it

Posted by David Kuczek on
Hello Roberto,

one more thank you from Cologne, Germany...

Posted by Jonathan Marsden on
It would be good to let Freshmeat.Net know of the new release.

I suspect Ben needs to do that since he is listed as the author of
OpenACS over there?

Where else should we send an announcement email to about 3.2.5?
LinuxToday? LinuxGazette?  I'm not exactly a PR type (!), but OpenACS
might benefit from letting the wider Linux community know about this

Posted by Jonathan Marsden on
One more post... The SDM should probably be told that the OpenACS
Documentation is now also at release 3.2.5, right now it is still
showing 3.2.4 as the current release of the docs.
Posted by Roberto Mello on
Re: PR. That'd be good. Freshmeat and SourceForge too (I think we're still marked as "beta" in SourceForge).

Re: Documentation. I haven't uploaded the documentation to its SDM module yet because I couldn't get rid of an annoying conversion problem when generating the PDFs. They'd insist in converting the greater-than sign to #62, no matter if I used > or gt in the HTML source.

Maybe I have an old version of HTMLDOC.

Posted by Don Baccus on
Great news, Roberto - and a great job getting this put together. Thanks again!
Posted by Jamie Ross on
Thanks Roberto!!.. I took the opportunity to upgrade the KinetX site to 7.1 so fix the bug I posted (yes.. works fine Don, thanks!) and installed 3.2.5 at the same time and all the fixes are in..

thanks again to all

Posted by Louis Gabriel on
Thank you, Roberto --and everyone else involved, too!