Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to openacs with PG7.1

Posted by Jonathan Marsden on
Brett, I haven't seen anything like this here with PG 7.1 either.  So
I suspect it is something 'unique' at your site.  Can you replicate
the problem at will (ie restart aolserver, then if the first page
you go to is page such-and-such, it always generates this error)?

If it's completely 'gone away' for you now and you can't make it come
back, cool, just forget it :-)  But otherwise, see if you can more
narrowly define exactly what it takes to make the error happen.  If
you have a test machine available, can you install a fresh copy of
PG 7.1/AOLserver 3.2+ad12/OpenACS 3.2.5 on it and generate the same
issue there too?