Forum OpenACS Q&A: perl script to automatically create new object type sql/plpgsql

I'm a pretty lazy person. I have a beard so I don't have to shave. Similarly, I didn't want to ever have to write a create-*.sql package by hand again, so I wrote a perl script to do it for me.

You write your create table sql, and this script will do the rest.

Full documentation (including sample output) is at :

You can download the script at :

Don't look too carefully at the code, it's a little messy but it does the trick.

I forgot to mention, the docs also include an emacs lisp function that allows you to expand your create table into a full package in an emacs buffer.

I also forgot to say that this is postgres specific. Writing an oracle version is an exercise left to the reader.

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Hi Friends

I want to add a new form, for that we have to mention the OBJECT_ID and OBJECT_TYPE

Please how to create a new one ,please help me in this