Forum OpenACS Development: Re: A graphical installer for OpenACS & dotLRN

[quote]Nice work Vlassis, to make this installer an standard for oacs (which at the end is something worth to do), will be good if you provide a way to *attach* with your installer the latest stable distribution (oacs / .lrn), then we can keep providing this *easy* installer with our latest stable sw. Probably the oracle support is beyond the scope of your project since you wanted to provide an easy way to install / try .LRN.

Its a good idea to have this installer for the next relase of .LRN (that is happening now), when do you think you'll have an stable installer? so we can offer it ot the public.[/quote]

Hi Rocael,
thanks for your comments. I currently have oacs 5.1.1 and .lrn 2.0.3 , which I believe are the latest versions for both projects. It is very easy to include different files in the installer. I will upload sometime today the configuration files that are used for the ZeroG, InstallAnywhere NOW !, and the tarballs that I currently use for the aolserver and cygwin&postgress, along with the other tools that are required (unzip, setx, etc). After having the configuration files downloaded into your computer, along with the complementary files (the java installer, cygwin, openacs, dotlrn, aolserver and the tools) it is a matter of seconds to create a new .exe file for distribution.

But ... in order to determine if this is stable or not, I need someone to actually test it. I cannot assume that it is stable because it installs properly in my computer, so far noone has reported a successful or unsuccessful installation :(



I see you've requested feedback on installation more than once. One major reason that you haven't received any feedback yet is that most of the folks here are running on non-Windows platforms...