Forum OpenACS Development: Re: How do I send HTML email?

Posted by Nima Mazloumi on
set multipart_id [acs_mail_multipart_new -multipart_kind "mixed"]
set body_id [acs_mail_body_new -header_subject "test" -content_item_id $multipart_id ]

Already breaks on oacs-5-1. postgres installation:

ERROR:  Function acs_mail_body__new("unknown", "unknown", "unknown", "unknown", "unknown", "unknown", "unknown", "unknown", "unknown", "unknown", "unknown", timestamptz, "unknown", "unknown", "unknown") does not exist
    Unable to identify a function that satisfies the given argument types
    You may need to add explicit typecasts


select acs_mail_body__new (
  NULL,                -- body_id
  NULL,        -- body_reply_to
  NULL,            -- body_from
  NULL,            -- body_date
  NULL,    -- header_message_id
  NULL,        -- header_reply_to
  'test',      -- header_subject
  NULL,            -- header_from
  NULL,            -- header_to
  '2015',        -- content_item_id
  'acs_mail_body',        -- object_type
  now(),                -- creation_date
  NULL,        -- creation_user
  NULL,            -- creation_ip
  null                    -- context_id

Posted by Brian Fenton on
Ahh! Postgres! I don't use Postgres, only Oracle. Sorry about that. :-(