Forum OpenACS Development: file-storage can't handle folder names with forward slashes in them

I was just looking into a bug at Sloan where the files in one particular folder were inaccessible via the "pretty" URL.  It turned out that the folder name looked like this/is/the/folder, which content_item.get_id dutifully parses and then chokes on.

The only fix I can see is to disallow forwards slashes in folder names, but that feels more like a band-aid than a real solution.  Can someone more familiar with file-storage than I suggest any way of fixing this so that folder names like this would work?


Any character can be allowed, although that is a mess if you need to handle it in a regular filesystem.

Each element of the URL needs to be urlencoded so that the slashes internal to the directory name are encoded, but the real seperators between url elements are not.

Thanks Dave!

I just tried creating a new folder called this/is/a/test, and the URLs to files within it have this-is-a-test in them instead, which is another way to fix the problem.  So the issue is with existing folders then, not new ones.  I can handle that. :)