Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to SDM packages on OpenACS.Org for OpenACS RPMs?

I don't mind where they go, although I've not really looked much as
the site yet at all, because the OpenACS community seems
to all just run AOLserver 3.2+ad12 anyway; my interest in packaging
AOLserver is primarily as a vehicle to get a simple easy "normal"
OpenACS install process for Red Hat (maybe other RPM distros later).

I'm not sure it is good to have aolserver-postgresql as a module of
aolserver, because they have two rather independent codebases; also,
releasing a new aolserver RPM to correct a packaging bug affecting RH
7.1 installations (which I am about to do!) should not also require a
release of aolserver-postgresql.  But in SDM, I don't see a way to
release "part of" a package.  And version numbering is (currently!)
different for the two RPMs, which again I don't think SDM can handle
on a per-module basis, only per-package.

So my conclusion so far is "3 separate packages"; if the feeling of
the team is that the aolserver and aolserver-postgresql RPMs should
have their SDM setup over at, that's fine by me.