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Posted by russ m on
Yeah, the HotFix thing is absurd - and it's been that way for well over a year (istr we were first bitten by it early 2003, and it was already a "known problem")... even if there was an IE update that fixed it, the only real solution if you're working on sites without a controlled user population is to not trigger the bug... bleh...

We saw the problem with jpegs, but to my reading the KB article implies it can be any image type. We solved our problem by having our client resupply the images without the embedded XML metadata (I'm not a photoshop user either, so I don't know what switch needs switching to make that happen), but adding +profile "*" to your imagemagick command line may help (that removes colour profiles, but I don't know if it also strips out the rest of the metadata too).

as a first-cut test, I'd save out all the images that are currently being used and replace them with simple texture jpegs or something like that.