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7: Re: Problems with MS IE6 (response to 6)
Posted by Patrick Giagnocavo on
I suggest the use of "jhead", found at .  Under Debian, running "apt-get install jhead" will download and install this for you.

This kind of behavior is often seen on Macintosh files (at least under OS9 and earlier) where a thumbnail preview is generated and stored in the first part of the filename.  From your post, it sounds like other information is also being stored in the first part of the JPEG file.

By stripping the thumbnail and other data out of the image file, you can sometimes get a substantial decrease in image size.

This is not a problem under GIF because it is a simpler format that does not allow you to put this extra info into the file to begin with.

8: Re: Problems with MS IE6 (response to 7)
Posted by Steve Manning on
Thanks for the suggestion Patrick. I actually went back to the client and had him fix the files for two reasons - 1. they needed to be fixed on the back office system so that if they are reimported the problem doesn't reoccur and 2. I didn't want to do it cos the client will expect me to do it every time. Its better to train him to save them as web images and avoid the problem. You know what they say "Light a fire for a man and he can keep himself warm for a day, set fire to him and he can keep himself warm for the rest of his life" or something like that :-)

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. It appears to be spot on. The client has resaved the thumbnails for the index page and IE loads it first time (its also quicker as they are considerably smaller). So that looks like a fix.

    - Steve