Forum OpenACS Development: Re: A graphical installer for OpenACS & dotLRN

Hi Vlassis !

I was testing the Installer, it was very easy to install, but I just found something that can be fixed for future releases.

"At least one misconfiguration was discovered that must be corrected. Please fix all of them, restart the web server, and try running the OpenACS installer again. You can proceed without resolving these errors, but the system may not function correctly.

"The configured AOLserver Stacksize is too small (488K). .LRN requires a StackSize parameter of at least 512K.

      Please add the following line to your .tcl configuration file

ns_section "ns/threads"
        ns_section "ns/threads" [expr 512*1024]

      After adding support the larger stacksize, please restart your web server. "

I think this would cause confusion since most of people using this installer are new to OACS and .LRN

Maybe you could change the .tcl file and add the new size of the stack.

Later I've got this error.

"[20/Aug/2004:09:44:04][392.884][-conn:dotlrn::0] Error: Error sourcing c:/openacs/dotlrn/packages/acs-bootstrap-installer/installer/install.tcl:
psql: FATAL:  no pg_hba.conf entry for host "", user "paolooacs", database "paolooacs", SSL off"

It was listening on and in the install process I put

[20/Aug/2004:09:43:13][392.444][] Notice: nssock: listening on

That cause a problem in the installation process.

Paolo Vásquez