Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Gush: vservers as development/production environment

Posted by Chris Davies on
Vserver does do quite nicely -- We run 5 different vserver OSes on one machine including Debian, Mandrake, Redhat, Fedora and Gentoo (for a development project).  Security-wise, it is fairly decent and the servers are fairly isolated.

UML in production use requires a lot more hardware to perform the same job.  You have more control over Security and Resources.  With SKAS mode, you can eek out a bit more performance than plain UML.

Then there's VMWare, which we have found to be great for development using multiple OSs.  I wouldn't attempt to run it for any production mode servers.

We run 2.4.27, tux and openwall using XFS and a few kernel tweaks.  I think your config will work just fine for Vserver.  I've had some strange issues with Hardware and Software Raid1 & SATA with 2.4.26.  I've not tested that particular combination with 2.4.27 and won't be doing SATA Raid again for quite some time.