Forum OpenACS Development: Re: A graphical installer for OpenACS & dotLRN

Posted by Vlassis Rizopoulos on
I forgot to mention in the previous post, in case you don't remember the project's website is .

Also what I forgot to mention was this:

I am working on the Linux installation script these days.

here are my thoughts, I have mainly focused on fedora/redhat since those are the systems that I have the most experience with.

The easy / predicted part:

check if postgresql rpm exists (rpm -qa |grep postgres)
if it is there, create the database required for oacs
if it is not there, check if we have a binary called postmaster in the path (which postmaster)
if we find nothing , install an rpm for postgresql

The hard / unpredicted part:

See if the tcl rpm is installed. (rpm -qa |grep tcl)
if it is, remove it. (rpm -e ...)
check if there is a tcl exec (which tcl)
if there is ..... fail ??
if there isn't extract the tcl source code (tar xvfz)
run configure with enable-threads
make, make install etc
extract the aol source code (tar xvfz)
run configure, make, make install
install various aolserver modules

install deamon tools etc etc etc

Any ideas how many things can actually go wrong during this ???

I was wondering ... can someone contribute an RPM for tcl with enable-threads  and an RPM for AOLServer and its modules ? I don't have the expertise to do it, and it would ensure that less things could go wrong during installing.

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