Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to anyone tested XFS from SGI yet?

Posted by S. Y. on
Disclaimer: I have not tried XFS on Linux.

XFS stability on IRIX does not necessarily connote XFS stability on Linux. I worked for five years at SGI and from my own personal experience with IRIX, I would be very wary of x.0 software from SGI. XFS debuted for IRIX 5.3 (maybe 1994?) and wasn't particularly stable in the 1.0 release. At least two of my IRIX systems running XFS had their drives destroyed when meta-data got corrupted. Version 1.1 of XFS (IRIX) was much more stable and when kudzu (IRIX 6.2) released, it was pretty much ready for production use. XFS on IRIX is now mature; combined with XLV, the logical volume manager, it really rocks, too.

As a former SGIer, there's no way that I'd put XFS 1.0 on a production box. I'm running ReiserFS myself and I'll switch to XFS when it's proven (1.1 maybe).