Forum OpenACS Development: AOLserver restart on Windows

Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Vlassis, I've run AOLserver 4.0.7 on Windows as a Windows Service, which in principle, makes it pretty easy to have AOLserver auto-restart when killed, auto-start when the machine boots, etc.

In practice, bugs #772649 and #989725 makes things much more complicated, and I had to write a Tcl script to deal with that. (It makes use of PsTools from - very handy.)

To install AOLserver as a Windows Service, use the -I switch, e.g.:

C:\nsd4\bin\nsd.exe -I -t C:\web\mysite\config.tcl

Bug #994224 is also Windows specific, but it sounds like Dossy's figured out a solution for that one. I probably won't get a chance to test his patch for a while yet, though.

Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Hm, no file storage enabled on One person asked me for it, so I went and quickly stuck my AOLserver restart script for MS Windows on my website. (You will probably need to change a few settings at the top of the script.)

After installing AOLserver as a Windows service, the Windows Service you just installed will be named something like "AOLserver-mysite". To get it to work the way you want, you now must manually change various settings for that service. I use these:

Startup type: Automatic
Log On:
Log on as, This account: andy
all failures: Run a Program
Run program, Program: tclsh
Run program, Command line parameters: C:\web\mysite\bin\kill-nsd.tcl recover

(Grr, stupid Forums package, made me take the "colspan=2" out of my table above.)