Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to nsunix/nsvhr again

Posted by Antonio Laterza on
Using nsvhr/nssock methot and indipendent file for each server involved, what's the rigth configuration for master? for session:
ns_section "ns/server/${server}/modules" 
ns_param   nssock          ${bindir}/ 
ns_param   nslog            ${bindir}/ 
ns_param   nsperm          ${bindir}/ 
ns_param   nscgi           ${bindir}/ 
ns_param   nsvhr        ${bindir}/
If I have to use the nssock module then I have to confgure the session, otherwise by default the master run on, so:
# Socket driver module (HTTP)  -- nssock 
  ns_section "ns/server/${server}/module/nssock" 
  ns_param   port         $httpport 
  ns_param   hostname     $hostname 
  ns_param   address      $address
The log's master says:
Notice: nsvhr: redirecting: host: ciao -> tcp://ciao:8080
Notice: nsvhr: redirecting: host: ciao:8080 -> tcp://ciao:8080
If I ask for ciao:8080 it's ok, but when I ask for ciao then the response come from master (where I disabled the pageroot):

The requested URL was not found on this server.
AOLserver/3.2+ad12 on http://master