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11: detail nsunix/nsvhr again (response to 1)
Posted by Antonio Laterza on
yes, I run thre servers: master, ciao,
The "ciao" and "" configuration files are two that differs in name and port (8001 and 8080) only and they are configures as they work indipendently whithout any modification (no nsvhr module)
in ciao.tcl
httport=8080, hostname=ciao
in dev-ewayweb.tcl
 ns_section "ns/server/${server}/module/nssock" 
          ns_param   port         $httpport 
          ns_param   hostname     $hostname  
          ns_param   address      $address
The master.tcl file is:
ns_log notice "nsd.tcl: starting to read config file..."

set httpport               80
set hostname               master
set address
set server		   "master" 
set servername             "master master" 
set homedir                 [file dirname [ns_info config]] 
set bindir                  [file dirname [ns_info nsd]] 

ns_section "ns/parameters" 
        ns_param   home         $homedir 
        ns_param   debug        false 
        ns_param   MailHost     localhost 
        ns_param   ServerLog    ${homedir}/log/${server}.log 
        ns_param   LogRoll      on

ns_section "ns/mimetypes" 
        ns_param   default         "*/*"     ;# MIME type for unknown extension 
        ns_param   noextension     "*/*"     ;# MIME type for missing extension 
        #ns_param   ".xls"         "application/''

ns_section "ns/servers" 
        ns_param   $server     $servername 
        ns_param   ewayweb-dev "ewayweb-dev"
        ns_param   ciao        "ciao ciao" 

# Server parameters 
ns_section "ns/server/${server}"
ns_param   enabletclpages       Off 

# Socket driver module (HTTP)  -- nssock 
ns_section "ns/server/${server}/module/nssock" 
ns_param   port         $httpport 
ns_param   hostname     $hostname 
ns_param   address      $address

ns_section "ns/server/${server}/module/nsvhr/maps"
ns_param ""       ""
ns_param ""       ""
ns_param "gloucester"            ""
ns_param "gloucester:8001"            ""
ns_param "ciao"                  "http://ciao:8080"
ns_param "ciao:8080"                  "http://ciao:8080"

# Modules to load 
ns_section "ns/server/${server}/modules" 
ns_param   nssock          ${bindir}/ 
ns_param   nslog            ${bindir}/ 
ns_param   nsperm          ${bindir}/ 
ns_param   nscgi           ${bindir}/ 
ns_param   nsvhr        ${bindir}/

ns_log notice "nsd.tcl: finished reading config file."