Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to nsunix/nsvhr again

Posted by Jerry Asher on
How is working?  Is this a problem you are having with all of your nsvhr sites, or just with ciao?

Is ciao to be addressable internet wide, or only from your LAN?  (What is it's full domain name, and is there some reason it is listed in the map as ciao, and not say, as

Have you disabled adp and fastpath in the master?

When I connect to your site via telnet to port 80 and request GET / but give a HOST: field of CIAO, I get a 302 redirect to 8001.  When I request a HOST: field of VIRUS, I get a 302 redirect to 8001.  Both of those are wrong.  CIAO should give me your CIAO homepage, and VIRUS should give me a 404.

Also I note I can't connect to your 8080 port.  Is there a firewall in the way?  (Can you open that?)

Perhaps you should post (or give a link to) your config files.