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Posted by Dario Roig on
Hi Tracy!

We also want to work with you.

Our plans are the following ones:

-The day September 1 checkout of CVS branch oacs-5-1    because some more solved errors that dotlrn-2-1-0a2

We have a copy of this code and are personalizing it, the day 15 September start with .LRN in production ( with  200 professors, 15.000 students and 1.000 classes more or less, because with 40.000 students have problems of scalability.

I daily check the changes in the branch oacs-5-1 of the CVS, I prove them in my installation of tests (, and if they go well intent to put them in the production installation.

-We have user in the CVS (darior) and we go solving the errors directly in the CVS branch oacs-5-1

Some suggestion?

Thanks Tracy