Forum OpenACS Development: Byline, a/k/a Java version of ACS, v6.1 now out

I post this more for historical interest...since OpenACS has its roots in ACS.

"Byline is an open source (LGPL) content management, portal, and collaboration system built on top of a sophisticated web development framework. Byline includes content authoring, versioning, workflow, categorization, and lifecycle management capabilities. Byline has been used to build sophisticated content and document management systems for customers such as Carrefour (, the APLAWS consortium, FranceTV (, Deutsche Post, the United Nations, and many others. Byline has been used to power systems that have over 400GB of data, thousands of content contributors, and tens of thousands of content visitors."

Byline is a continuation of the old ArsDigita Java-based ACS.  It uses Java , Tomcat, Oracle or PostgreSQL.

They don't seem to have a lot of activity going on, compared to OpenACS.