Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to SDM packages on OpenACS.Org for OpenACS RPMs?

Thanks all.  Yes, Rpoberto, I meant SDM package(s) for my own already
existing RPMs for OpenACS/AOLserver/aolserver-postgresql. Apologies
for being unclear.

Thanks to Ben, the first of those now has an SDM home here on
OpenACS.Org 😊

Petru: You are right that someone ought to take on the role of
packaging the "Apache/mod_nsd/OpenACS" style of system.  Are those
who created the original RPMs in that form not keeping them updated?
I'll gladly pass on anything useful I have learned about packaging
OpenACS to them, but I'd much prefer not to do both myself, really 😊

On a related packaging note: did someone inform Brent about the
release of OpenACS 3.2.5, so he can build updated .deb packages for
those using Debian?  OpenACS SDM bugs #755 and #870 might also be
worth his looking at at the same time.