Forum OpenACS Development: Response to BBoard development

Posted by Michael Feldstein on
Henry, thanks for carrying the torch on this. I've been doing a fair
bit of work with bboard for educational use lately. Based on that
experience, the following functions would be highly desireable:

-Thread management. Moderators need to be able to move an
off-topic post from one bboard to another. (It seems to me that
content repository might make this easier, but what do I know?)

-Email support. This is a biggie. Participants need to be able to
both reply to a thread and start a new one via email.

-Templating, including choosing a threaded vs. a non-threaded

-A simple mechanism for peer rating of posts, a la
(i.e., check this box if you think this post is brilliant). In an ideal
world, the system would be aware of who is checking the box, so
a professor identifying a post as brilliant could be differentiated
from a student making the same judgment.