Forum OpenACS Development: Response to BBoard development

Posted by Steve Crossan on
Re: email support

I'm currently doing some work with the Java mailet architecture within
the jakarta James project. This is a neat framework for using JavaMail
to pull apart a mail message and do something with it - in this case map mail fields onto database fields. It's simple to implement and works nicely. My idea is to allow as much interaction with the ACS via email as possible.

So far I've written prototypes of GeneralCommentMailet and ProjectHoursMailet. These allow me to send mail to <group_name>@intranet.runtime-collective and log a general comment (e.g. as a project report within a project), or <group_name> to log my hours in the intranet. Haven't done a bboard one yet but that's next.

It's ACS3.4/Oracle at the moment but all the db code is hidden in a layer behind an interface so porting to PosgreSQL/ another version of ACS should be straightforward. Happy to share work & provide further info if interested.