Forum OpenACS Development: Response to BBoard development

Posted by Jon Griffin on
I will also weigh in.

While a company that derives revenue from a product might have the priorities you mention, this is an Open Source non-commercial port.

Things that should get fixed but aren't, never are (unless there is a major problem such as permission_p).

The problem is that you put kludge on kludge on kludge and by version 4.5 it will be a nightmare to maintain. An example is places, if anyone ports that and address book that will be a huge shame. Another reason is if you port bboard the way it is, then when you want to eliminate acs-messaging you can't because it will break something somewhere. It really is much better to design one core package that really works and not have to worry about backward compatibilty at this stage (just starting out). After the version is released of course you will have to worry about backward compatiblilty.