Forum OpenACS Q&A: scripts for boot-camp kind of installations

I want to have one machine with several developers working, in a way
similar to what aD has for the bootcamps.

Has anyone written a script doing this for OpenACS (or ACS)
I am thinking of something that would copy al required directories
with code, create users, modify tcl scripts...

POssible requirements:

1. User can change code of an OpenACS instance

2. User can not change any other user's code

3. A single user might have more than 1 OpenACS instance

4. Each instance points to a different port

5. If the script is run as root, it should do all the required
administration to create a user/service

Posted by Bob OConnor on

Jerry Asher has some great information that may help you. He helped me set up virtual OpenACS instances on one machine with one ip address.


Posted by Rafael Calvo on
I wrote my own scripts that my be of some use to other people. is the first step to administering things like adding and removing students. You will need start.tcl.parse that is a nsd.tcl file with tokens replaced by the script. The scripts are not clean, and I hope to add some more features.
It requires a lot of password typing, but if you don't have too many students it might be worth it.
I would appreciate your feedback.