Forum OpenACS Development: Response to acs-mail, acs-messaging et al.

Posted by Jerry Asher on
IIRC, two problems with the 4.0 acs-messaging/acs-notifications were: one, every message every created was just left in the db there was no cleanup or maintenance of the db, and two, the api was impractical from the tcl side: mail had to be addressed to user_ids rendering it impossible to send email to anything not a member of the site.

In fact, with aDACS 4 design, it went beyond impractical. aDACS 4 modules were never designed as a whole system. So that in the aDACS 4 Tcl kernel parameters, we have the strings for system administrator email addresses, etc., and no standard/official/approved/designed way to associate *the system administrator* with an actual user_id (, and then the notifications package stumbled along requiring user_ids for message recipients:

Say I want my ad_tripwire module to use the ACS Notifications system to notify the web admin that he just got hacked and gave up all his credit card records. ACS Notifications takes a userid, not an email address. How do we get the Admin's email address or his userid?
Oh man, Jon, I hope you will clarify this.