Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Evaluating Web Publishing frameworks

Posted by Mark Aufflick on
Wow - talk about the horses mouth!

Thank's for your comments Ian. In retrospect my message should have been structured more as "how are we going to attack this common perception" rather than "the author missed something".

I have been using HTML::Mason quite intesively at both a major Australian telco and an investment bank.

While language wars can be dumb, tcl (and especially tcl under AOL Server) can be clumsy with namespaces etc. (at least it has name spaces cf. PHP) and has even weaker OO support than Perl (whose OO I quite like).

But in the end the language is only a part of some whole. Perl may not be a better language than Python, but Perl has CPAN. I vastly prefer Perl over tcl, but OpenACS is written in tcl and OpenACS gives you a lot. etc.

Bricolage is very interesting as is Maypole.

As you are obviously involved with Web-based content delivery I would be interested in hearing your current project and views on the state of play in the online world, if you have time.