Forum OpenACS Development: oacs site performance - what's up?


Perhaps it's just me, but I noticed that recently the oacs site has become pretty slow (at least during daytime in the CEST zone) and from what I can see using top & vmstat, angora is one busy system. Especially postgres seems to be working overtime (constantly between 70-99% CPU usage).

Has the site attracted significantly more traffic lately or is there something else happening?

Some rough stats:
- frontpage: 10 secs to first response, 20secs to full page load
- clicking 'forums' from the frontpage: >20 secs to first response & full page load
- clicking 'bugs' from the frontpage: >30 seconds to first response, >50 seconds before full page load

Documentation & download are near instantaneous.

For my perception the timings do not vary much during the day. Besides the annoyance when posting/reading bugs etc., there is of course a PR issue with this.

And before someone asks: no, I don't have a spare quad-processor system with 4 gigs of RAM  :-)) (although if new/more hw is really necessary I may be able to donate something - depending on what's required)


Posted by Don Baccus on
Some folks are starting to look into this ...
Posted by Matthias Melcher on
Any news about this ongoing problem?