Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Forums Portlet not visible on user's portals

Posted by Andrew Grumet on
It sounds like the privacy check is returning an unexpected result.

There are two ways you could check this.

a) In /admin/site-map, click ACS Kernel under Services, locate the PrivacyControlEnabledP parameter and set it to zero.

b) In /packages/forums-portlet/www/forums-portlet.tcl, comment out this line

  set can_read_private_data_p [acs_privacy::user_can_read_private_data_p -object_id [ad_conn package_id]]

and temporarily replace it with this one

set can_read_private_data_p 1

Do either of these make the forum portlet show up?


Posted by Volin Karagiozov on
Thank you Andrew!

PrivacyControlEnabledP was set to 1

Now both portlets Forums and Survey are visible on student's portal.

Thanks again,