Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Has anyone upgraded an ecommerce site to AOLserver4?

Posted by Janine Ohmer on
I seem to have solved this, thanks to Dossy.  The key was to set the OutputCharset, which goes in the ns/parameters section, to iso-8859-1.  I thought I had tried this already, but I had used iso8859-1 (note the missing dash), which if I understand this correctly is valid for an encoding but not for a charset.  Oy, talk about potential for confusion!

Thanks to all who replied!

You should notice that you are _still_ sending out invalid iso-8859-1 characters (the cp1252 additions). The only change is that you are now sending them as iso-8859-1, so most clients will show them correctly using the cp1252 charset. I would recommend cleaning up the database if possible. And making sure it doesn't get in again. And using unicode. Each of these will decrease the risk that you are bitten again.