Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Oracle SE vs. EE

Posted by Janine Ohmer on
I believe there is one other difference of some slight significance
- I read somewhere, and I think I verified it once for myself, that
the SE version doesn't support online rebuilds of an interMedia
index, meaning that your searching goes offline whie it's
rebuilding.  Of course, the results from interMedia are so
whacked the users might not notice! :)

Having said that, I strongly believe that OpenACS should support
the SE version.  Tags could be put in the SQL files telling the  EE
achievers where to edit to take advantage of the extra features,
just like there used to be comments indicating the right indexes
to move to a separate tablespace if you had one lying around.

Once upon a time (pre-IPO fever) Philip used to say very
emphatically that the ACS should always work with the SE
version.  That message got left behind somewhere along the
road to fame and fortune...