Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Has xml-utils-procs moved?

Posted by Ken Kennedy on
Oh...yeah, I guess I was unclear with that; I was kinda hacking and posting simultaneously.*grin*

It was the same error as I'd gotten with "xml_find_child_nodes": [09/May/2001:21:34:13][1112.1024][-main-] Error: Server startup failed: Error during bootstrapping invalid command name "db_type"

Nothing to worry about though...I've re-checked everything out of CVS (with the directory name change to /var/web) and the regular file locations are working fine. I'm going through the kernel data model install now. There were TONS of *-proc.tcl files that weren't getting sourced b/c of the regexp issue, including the ones holding xml_find_child_nodes, db_type, etc. Everything seems a-ok as of now...