Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Oracle SE vs. EE

Posted by Don Baccus on the dynamic update of Intermedia indexes controlled by the
datamodel, or is it something that can be controlled outside the
datamodel.  Like setting a predicate within a table or calling an API
function to turn it on or ???

If it doesn't have to be buried within the datamodel, then it's not an
issue.  People who want the dynamic update can use EE and set it up
to do immediate indexing outside the OpenACS install.  We would, of
course, want to document this.

I guess the question needs to be more narrowly defined...are there EE
features that have to be enabled during install time (i.e. bitmap
indexes) that are so valueable that we need to support them?

Obviously EE supports things like hot failover and the like that
aren't part of SE.  Setting up things like this are outside the scope of
the OpenACS boostrap installer's realm, though, so IMO aren't
pertinent.  If Intermedia indexing can be configured outside the
initial install I think it, too, falls into this class and we can
safely ignore it.  Other than documenting how to turn on immediate
indexing, of course.