Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Oracle SE vs. EE

Posted by Don Baccus on
Gee, I ask a question and I get a lecture followed by a non-answer:
I *believe* the answer is that the bitmapped indexes were added due to lab performance testing, and that they aren't critical to performance but do help a bit, so they should be kept around if you happen to have EE (and, since aD has EE, that's what is used).
Look - we *know* that at least *some* aD people *believe* that bitmapped indexes are worth using. I knew that. You don't really know whether or not any empirical data exists. Telling me this doesn't help me - I'm already uncertain as to whether or not empirical data exists.

You do say one thing interesting - that *if* the empirical data exists then you *believe* that it "helps a bit" but "isn't crucial".

That's interesting, but doesn't tell me anything I can use. The fact that you work for aD doesn't make your *opinion* any more informed than mine, or anyone else's here. I've heard opinions on the subject before, that's why I specifically asked for "empirical evidence that the use of bitmapped indexes substantioally increase performance for ACTUAL WORKING ACS 4 SITES? "

If I want an opinion rather than empirical data from real sites I'll ask you, OK? Silence on aD's part doesn't prove that no testing was done, you are right about that. However ... it doesn't prove that testing *was* done, either, and given aD's track record I'm of the *opinion* that no one here, at least none of the non-aD types, would be surprised to find out that there was no realistic testing whatsover.