Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Intranet Ticket Bug in 3.2.5 with a fix

Posted by Chris Hardy on
Hey Jamie! It's nice to see another Intranet Hacker! When I was fixing the entire intranet/new-ticket problem, I thought I had this fixed. I fixed this yesterday as well.. And my solution is a bit different.. All you need to do is to insert

ns_db dml $db "update im_projects set ticket_project_id = $new_id where group_id = $group_id"

into /intranet/projects/ticket-edit.tcl so that the ticket ID is put into the im_projects table, and all should be good and happy.. I do have to admit that I've been very confused and sometimes frustrated with the logic that puts together the intranet package, but I've just been patching how I think things should work.. Let me know what you think!