Forum OpenACS Q&A: How can I develop for Oracle and Postgres at the same time?

Until I get my act together and do a writeup, here are some brief notes:
1. One database/tablespace/user on each RDBMS

2. One code checkout from CVS

3. Two daemontools services
   -- /service/oacs-pg
   -- /service/oacs-ora

4. Two config files:
   -- /etc/config-pg.tcl
      -- port 8001
      -- access-pg.log
      -- error-pg.log
   -- /etc/config-ora.tcl
      -- port 8002
      -- access-ora.log
      -- error-ora.log

5. /etc/hosts entry to isolate login cookies
      -- oradev pgdev
      -- PG site is  http://pgdev:8001
      -- ORA site is http://oradev:8002
      -- hosts file is at C:\WINDOWS\System32\drivers\etc\hosts on WINXP

6. If you're working a lot with the CR, you're going to
have to do something about hardcoding of the path to
/content-repository-content-files in
You should be able to use one AOLserver config file for both Oracle and PostgreSQL (with appropriate if statements). I've done so in the past, and prefer it.
Yes, I think a little bit of the if statement technology ought to solve that.  Perhaps we should add a developer version of the config file?