Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Making calendar work with any acs_object

Posted by Matthew Geddert on
Tieing to any acs_object makes more sense now... I think you need to consider having a few more pieces of info in this service contract, I would put in:

Julian_Date, Start_Time, End_Time, Title_to_show_in_cal, Url_for_Details, Details

If Start_Time and End_Time aren't provided its an all day event. What if my acs-object has multiple independent dates associated with it, lets say i'm a contact and i have a birthday and anniversary... I can't give your new calendar app a unique ID, I might want both of them to go to /contacts/view/1234 and /contacts/view/1234... Or if i have a multi-day event, i might want any click on an entry in calendar to go to the same page.

I don't know if this would be in the scope of things you want to do in improving calendar, but one feature I really like about is that it allows for email reminders of the things in your calendar. One day in advance, an hour, whatever i choose. I'm thinking with openacs calendar i would subscribe to lets say 1 week notification on contacts service contract (to have a week to buy a birthday gift if necessary), and 1 day for personal calendar. Would it be possible to have calendar control reminder notifications for any package that contracts with calendar using this scenerio if you didn't have a unique object_id for each item? The service contract would use the title as the subject of the email and the details as the body...