Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Oracle SE vs. EE

Posted by Don Baccus on
This is helpful, thanks, David.  The INSO filters are available for Linus with Oracle 8.1.7.  I've not checked the Oracle site recently, as of a couple of months ago only 8.1.7 EE was available (uncompressed, grrr).

As we get closer to having an OpenACS 4 release it would be great if you or someone else with extensive Intermedia experience would review the existing ACS 4 docs, fold in whatever information can be gleaned else where (i.e. the ASJ notes), etc.  The OpenACS team has historically been PG-centric for obvious reasons, so could use lots of  help with Oracle-specific issues.  Ken Kennedy, who is helping with the OpenACS 4 porting effort, is a professional Oracle DBA and has offered to help with Oracle stuff, though I don't know if he's had much experience with InterMedia.