Forum .LRN Q&A: Adding 'password-update' lib

Posted by Enrique Catalan on
Hi everyone,

Just to notify you that we commited (tag oacs-5-1) a password update lib ( ..../packages/acs-admin/lib/ ) and now all the admin scripts that update passwords (oacs & .lrn) use the same lib. This avoid to have the same lines of code in ..../packages/acs-admin/www/users/password-update.* and ..../packages/dotlrn/wwww/admin/password-update.* files.


Posted by Jose Pablo Escobedo Del Cid on
Hi again,

We made some changes on acs-admin/www/users/become.* to let the dotlrn-admin users to become in other users. We moved the scritps to acs-admin/lib/become* and the scripts in acs-admin/www/users/become.* and dotlrn/www/admin/become.* share this lib.

The changes were made in oacs-5-1 branch.

Regards, Jose