Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to xmlrpc module for the ACS

Posted by Ken Kennedy on

Excellent!! My validation prbs with hafeez's implementation were simply a result of not using nsd8x (thanks for the quick catch, hafeez!). All is well now on that front. Still getting the same error with your procs, though, Dave. I'm reading through the ns_xml-procs.tcl and ns_xml-rpc.tcl, and trying to compare/contrast to Steve Ball's code (as a reference)...I'll get my head wrapped around it eventually.

Of course, as of right now, I need to be porting bookmarks to ACS4...maybe I'd better do that first...*grin*. But the whole idea of an XML-RPC/SOAP interface into ACS4 would be awesome! Something like Dave Winer's xmlStorage would be almost trivial (famous last words!) with ACS file-storage as the backend. We've got the data storage, we've got the the procs on the backend to interact with the database. Wire in XML-RPC (or SOAP), and you're there!