Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: FreeBSD, AOL Server 4 and OpenACS 5 (HEAD)

Posted by Tyge Cawthon on
I would like to intergrate these changes into the "offical" documentation.

Once I get this system running, I will go back and re-check the documentation and re-install everything again.

So far, I see only very minnor changes for example:
Make notes that tar.gz files need to be either gzip -d or gunzip before using tar.

Also more detail around "trouble" shooting (ie semaphores).

Posted by xx xx on
Brian, it would be great if you could make an effort to add FreeBSD to the official documentation. I hope Jade is willing to commit.

Please review the FreeBSD handbook, to enhance the current instructions and make them production ready. I'm willing to participate and review, BTW. (Who else is running FreeBSD in production and is willing to add enhancements to the instructions?)

With FreeBSD 5.3 being out (first 5.* production release) and FreeBSD being used by the most stable hosting providers (netcraft) it certainly deserves its place, IMO.