Forum OpenACS Q&A: How to add a logo and navigation bar like ?

Could someone advise what's the proper way of adding a graphic logo and customized navigation bar to openacs 3.2.5 that makes it look like e.g. ?

Is changing ad_header & ad_footer the only way ? if so, for those modules (bboard ?) that do not call ad_header, does that mean I have to customize those header proc also ?


Pretty much, yes. Unfortunately a consistent UI wasn't designed for
ACS 3.x. It was added along and many of the modules had their own. In
the OpenACS getting started guide we list some things you can do to
customize appearance, but there is not a way that works for all the

The ad_header way works for a bunch of them. For the modules that are
templated (e-commerce, SDM, news, polls) you can use the templates system.

This is fixed in OpenACS 4.x of course (which is not released yet).

Yeah, it's pretty bad in 3.2.x. Elements of the UI are scattered across the templates (where used), the proc library in /tcl, and the pages in /www/*.tcl.

If for example, you want to get rid of the <hr> used in all the pages, you're going to have to hack every /www/*.tcl file users (and admins, if you're fussy) see.

If you want to change elements on the ecommerce pages, you're going to have to hack into the /tcl/ecommerce*.tcl pages. I was so upset when I had to descend into the /tcl/ecommerce-widgets.tcl file to fiddle with the appearance of the shopping card bar on the ecommerce page, but fiddle with the /www/ecommerce/*.tcl files for other elements that appear within the same page. This code is bad, and needs to be refactored badly!

I also remember being sort of appaled by the way style elements were sprinkled inconstistently around in the various pages. Don't rely on ad_footer - it's not consistently called.

The menu bar that appears on the top can be set up from the admin site, and is generated automatically on each page (I don't recall that you needed to actually call a proc to have it appear by I could be wrong.)

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