Forum OpenACS Development: ACS Java Development Information

Posted by Bryan Quinn on
Tracy Adams announced on the ArsDigita web/db bboard that ACS Java development information is now available. Please visit ACS Java Home to view the latest information about ACS development, including documentation, UML models and discussion forums for ACS Java Development.

I'm personally excited about the design and development that is ongoing. As always, comments appreciated!

Posted by Richard Li on
BTW, in case people didn't realize, the ACS Core bboard linked from the ACS Java home is the only bboard being used by aD for design discussions, and the documentation linked from the ACS Java home page is HTML generated stright from the Docbook source. We have a source browser running now at (the source browser is P4Web. Unfortunately, due to a bug in P4Web, it doesn't work with Mozilla, but we've opened a ticket on this issue.). We're working on CVS synchronization with the Perforce tree and getting daily builds of the tree available for download.

Anyone who's interested in the ACS Java effort is welcome. If there are any questions on what we're doing please post or email :). Also, suggestions on what else we can do to facilitate community cooperation are welcome (already planned: anon CVS checkout, SDM, downloadable daily builds, more documentation).

Posted by Michael Feldstein on
For those folks interested in the CMS, it might be worthwhile to
look at the planning guide linked to this site:

In particular, read the usage cases very carefully. If the usage
cases are right, then there's a vastly better chance that the
interface (as well as deeper design features) will be right. This is
one area where an ACS/OpenACS collaboration would benefit

Posted by Kapil Thangavelu on

a good start would be to open up access to the design docs that are
in so people can actually read whats
being discussed. most of the links off the forum go into this black
hole which makes following the forum discussion tedious at times.