Forum OpenACS Q&A: Committing new packages to CVS

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Posted by Nick Carroll on

Could someone please post the process for committing a new package to CVS.  After reading TIP 61, and various other CVS related TIPs, I still need clarification on the following.

1. Who do I approach for a CVS account?  (I just emailed Don for one)
2. Is the contrib directory deprecated?  My understanding is that packages will be committed to the packages directory from now on.
3. Maturity of a package is set to 0 in the .info file.  Are there any other things we have to do to the .info file?
4. What are the commands for importing the package?  I'm not sure if I have to specify a tag on import, or just import it into HEAD.

Jade mentioned in an email that I have to post an announcement that a package has been committed so that it can be added to bug-tracker.  Am I missing anything else?

I think a process should be specified somewhere that makes this information explicit to new package committers.  I haven't found one, so please point me in the right direction if such a process exists.


Posted by Stan Kaufman on
Nick, have a look at the CVS Guidelines, particularly the bottom half of the page, re questions 1&4. Once you have an account at (and I presume Don, Jeff Davis, Malte, or anyone else on OCT can set you up), you simply commit in your personal -- not anonymous -- checkout. That certainly is all you do to commit within an existing package, and I presume that is what you do to create a new package. But I've only committed stuff to existing packages myself, so I may be wrong on this last point.