Forum .LRN Q&A: .LRN Meeting Minutes 23/Sept/08

Posted by Alvaro Rodriguez on
Dave, Don, Emmanuelle, Gustaf, Mario, Miguel Angel

the "print" button
- Remove the print button from calendar, provide CSS for print media, but a change like that would go on HEAD

the "calendar" button
- the problem is the alt text yes, the purpose of the button is to skip over the mini-calendar or any other content and directly to the calendar, very useful for screen-readers users
- the calendar package can also be used standalone, so it's redundant perhaps in the given configuration of .LRN, but not in geneeral
- the button will remain as it is now, for 2.4.1

"accessibility statement"
probably the accessibility statement can be updated without approval, it's a fact after all, emma_r will commit it

- marioa will commit changes on lors in head, but lors change of 2.4.1 must be merge before, he wants to refactor some of code, indent, extract sql and create xql generic an for postgres and changes to the data model for oracle compatibility finally and tag code

"style fix"
- mcordova found a css "bug" with the #dotlrn-toolbar, will try to fix it in HEAD.
- mcordova has a post awaiting repy, about having different css (color) for admin pages: