Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Fall 2004 OCT Nominations

Posted by Andrew Grumet on
I nominate

Don Baccus
Jeff Davis
Jade Rubick

Posted by Joel Aufrecht on
What are Caroline Meeks and Andrew Grummet's statuses?  They tied in the last election, and the decision was for Andrew to take the seat for the first 6 months and Caroline the second 6 months.  Are they switching now?  (It's actually a bit less than 5 months since the June 5 final count date of the last election.)  Could one or both of them run for election?  Sitting OCT members can't, but this is a special situation.  It seems to me that, for example, Andrew could hand his seat to Caroline (a month early) and then run outright.  Either way, since both are active and contributing, it would be a good idea to give both of them the opportunity to be elected.  I'm nominating whichever of Caroline Meeks and Andrew Grummet is eligable.