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Posted by Steve Manning on

I'm looking at the monitor page at /acs-admin/monitor and we are seeing a few unclosed connections:

 Conn#  IP  	        State  	   Method    URL     # Seconds Bytes
84269 	running 	? 	? 	35778 	0
194161 	running 	? 	? 	27069 	0
435817 	running 	? 	? 	3027 	0

The site ( ) is fairly busy, its handled about 6.5 million requests in the 30 days since launch. It was restarted this morning after moving hardware so its accumulated these in less than 24 hours. They don't seem to be causing a problem but I can't be certain. Can anyone shed any light on them and whether I should be concerned.

FYI: The sites running OACS 5.1 on AOLS 3.3oacs1 over both http and https (nsopenssl 2.1)



2: Re: Monitor Page Question (response to 1)
Posted by Andrew Grumet on
Hi Steve,

Chances are pretty good that the monitor.tcl script itself is causing the problem.

Please see this forum thread:

This seems to more dangerous on aolserver4 but in any case we've stopped using monitor.tcl all together.